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My name is Nicholas from Mp Harvest Foods in regional Victoria, at Mp Harvest we specialise in working with local growers in the area also with our own fruits, with trying to minimise food wastage by drying it and making it into a taste snack. Our first branding is our apple crisps nothing like you have ever tried before the unique texture & flavour will blow you away.

I was contacted by Local2U Stephanie on Instagram to show case our new product & I thought what a great idea to get our new product out there and what a fantastic way for helping small Aussie business’s with there growth. Dealing with Stephanie was a breeze and was very kind with giving use the opportunity.

The post on our crisps helped us with more followers and enquires and feed back on how excited they were to have a product like ours finally here in Australia. Thank you again for the support and we can’t wait to see this grow even more! 

Nicholas Mantovani, MP Havest.


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