We have probably all the had occasional slip in not taking our make up off some nights.⁣


It isn't a habit you want to get into regularly.⁣

Because what can happen is:⁣

❌Be more prone to breakouts.⁣

❌Infections in your eyelashes and eyes OR just overall more irritated itch eyes (not the desired look)⁣

❌Faster ageing it actually can lead to wrinkles (No thanks we already have age and skin elasticity not on our side!)⁣

❌Your skincare routine can be disrupted the next day as absorption of products is more difficult. Hence wasting time and money on skincare.⁣

❌Unsightly blackheads that are not pleasant to look at and painful to get rid of.⁣

Pretty good reasons to do it to keep skin clean, youthful and glowing.⁣

Take a couple of minutes at days end to wash your face and use the opportunity to practice the other health benefit of mindfulness as you take steps to wash the day away.
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