What's the recent craze about SILK PILLOWS?

Let's talk silk pillows. 😊🌈⁣

There has been a lot of buzz recently.⁣

So can what you sleep on help boost your beauty?⁣

First we will start with something a doctor once told us.⁣

Make where you sleep the most comfortable with the best bedding you can afford because it can greatly impacts your sleep and sleep equates to health.⁣

And silk looks and importantly FEELS great, so a silk pillowcase adds a luxurious touch to your sleep.⁣

So luxury is a given, BUT why else silk pillow cases specifically?⁣

What out of anything in life has more contact with your face than a pillow? Ah ha moment.... that's right... your face. And what is on our face? Skin. What shows signs of stress, ageing etc.. you get us 😆⁣

A silk pillow case is a cleaner sleep surface as it doesn't absorb like other coverings. Because even with regular washing within one night the traditional cotton case is a petri dish that has our dead skin, sweat and other nasties absorbing into our cleansed (remember we should clean our face every night!) face. What does this mean for you healthier, cleaner skin and reduced wrinkle lines.⁣

It also is beneficial for your skin because it helps keep your skin hydrated and give you a fresh glow.⁣

Your hair will thank you also as silk pillow cases have been shown to reduce breakages and split ends BONUS you won't wake up with bed head hair.⁣

And a really important part is they are hypo allergenic and provide a natural defence to the known nasties of the allergy families in dust mites, fungus and mould. If you are an allergy sufferer then you know how allergies can impact your health and appearance.⁣

OK we are sold we are heading to find silk pillow cases.⁣

How about you?

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