Let's talk clay masks...⁣

While they have been traditionally favoured by people with acne prone and oily skin they have benefits for all skin types.⁣

In a nutshell clay masks help to promote skin health and glow.⁣


✅ They draw impurities out of the skin. Think of a clay mask as an added mechanism for a clean canvas on your skin.⁣

✅ They are hydrating to the skin.⁣

✅ They can reduce that shiny gloss (not glow oily skin people will relate to this).⁣

✅ They are calming not just for the skin but for you taking the time out to take care of yourself. Use the mask time to sit and be, pour a big glass of water or brew a herbal tea.⁣

Clay masks are also really easy to use choose how you put them on use a mask brush, make up sponge or your fingers and remove with luke warm water either in the shower or with a soft towel.⁣

And when purchasing it is important to look for clay masks with kaolin and/or bentonite for most effective results.⁣

Not sure where to start? How about a visit to Local2U with over 100 Australian health, beauty and well-being products!⁣

We trust you are enjoying your summer. 🍉😎🚤⁣

How is your skin feeling?⁣

Because in summer 5 key things can leave more than our mouths a little parched our skin feels it strongly.⁣

What are the five?⁣

✨Dehydration (drink up that water)⁣

✨Swimming in pools, chlorine is a skin sapper.⁣

✨Air-conditioning is a lovely addition but it is drying.⁣

✨ The sun by its nature.⁣

✨Sunscreen is needed but try to avoid the spray one because they contain high alcohol content which can wreak havoc with your skin.⁣

So it is time to up your moisturising in the summer to combat the 5.⁣

Want to find some new products to get glowing summer skin?⁣

Check out Local2U we have you covered.

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