The powerful, pout sexy lips makes you feel on point.⁣

But yuck what about that feeling when your lips aren't on point? They are cracked and dry- it is horrible! And at times, downright painful. ⁣

What causes dry lips?⁣

Dehydration. Licking your lips, the weather, allergies, irritants, mouth breathing to name a few.⁣


What can we do to help maintain our luscious, smooth, plump lips?⁣

We have the tips for your lips...⁣

💋 When they are cracked and dried it is easy to be tempted to pick at them don't 🚫 put the hand down and reach for some cream or oil with cocoa butter in it rub that on your lips instead.⁣

💋 Use sunscreen on your lips to protect them from the sun which leads to dry, cracked lips.⁣

💋 Look at the lipstick you are using. The long-lasting ones dry your lips quicker than being stuck in the desert. Gloss is smoother, silkier and more nourishing.⁣

💋 And again keeping our water up hydrates us from the inside out! But it is also great to keep your mouth from drying out, stops dehydration and keeps lips moist.⁣

So follow these tips and keep the luscious lips!

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