Water is the lifeblood of a healthy body, glowing skin and increased energy.⁣

However, it can get bland and boring and sometimes we think "I just can't do one more glass."⁣

This is where slicing up some lemon, jam-packed with vitamin c, and a tasty addition to water, comes in.⁣

Did you know the additional benefits of adding lemon to your water?⁣

🍋 It can help you lose weight by acting with your metabolism.⁣

🍋 Fights the common cold and builds immunity.⁣

🍋 It is a mood stabiliser and helps with cognitive function.⁣

🍋 Helps maintain the bodies PH balance.⁣

🍋 Gives you an energy boost⁣

🍋 Improves your skin even more because of the additional Vitamin C.⁣

So start chopping, and get squeezing the humble lemon into your next bottle of water.⁣

Tell us below do you like lemon in your water?⁣

Yes 👍⁣

No 👎

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