What just 10 minutes a day of meditation does for our mental health...

Updated: Mar 11

Meditation what can we say. 🧘👍⁣

A practice that spans over 5000+ years and has innumerable health and well-being benefits.⁣

People think they don't have time for it OR they can't do it properly because it has the connotations of zen like trance and closing your thoughts.⁣

So firstly NO it isn't always a trance like state and you don't always turn off your thoughts AND second we make time for that what is important... is it important to you to find 10 minutes in your day to meditate even if not all at once.⁣

Well before you answer let us share with you what meditation can help with....⁣

  • Improve focus, clarity and productivity (something in this modern world we could all do with some help)⁣

  • No need to hit the snooze button in the morning meditation can help you get to sleep faster and sleep deeper.⁣

  • Reduce stress (yes please)⁣

  • Gives you a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and others.⁣

  • Boost creativity when looking for inspiration look to meditation to guide you.⁣

  • Improves your happiness. Because with meditation it doesn't help the external all the time but it gives you a base, a tool kit to deal with challenges and daily life.⁣

So do you think you can NOW find ten minutes to get all that in your life?⁣

Would you like to see another post on how to meditate? Comment below and we will put something together.

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