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Cut through the crap
(read: paperwork hell) that comes with influencer management and work with Australia’s fastest-growing influencer agency. 

Contact us with a brief or client and we’ll do the rest.

Let Us Show You the Money

Think of Local2u as your personal Jerry Maguire (but way politer). We handle the knitty gritty of influencer management while delivering cash into your accounts. 


Don’t believe us?

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Influencer Marketing that Matters

Don’t miss the boat. 


Local2u is creating waves in the influencer marketing world.


In the few short months since launching Local2u has signed with twelve agencies and is working with over five thousand influencers. 


Together we’re helping the nation’s top Aussie health, wellness and beauty brands create quality content. 


Don’t be late to the party.

"Don't forget to ask us about our partner rewards program".

The Co-Founders at Local2U Australia.

Influencer Management Made Simple

Word on the street is you’re thinking of joining Local2u. That tickles our pickle. We aim to make agencies’ lives easier. 


So, let us tell you how our influencer management works. 

Door one

You come to us with a client’s brief and we will match you to the influencers that best suit that brand’s vision. You maintain the relationship with the client. 



Door two

You come to us with a brief. From here you can choose to pass the entire relationship to us and receive a 20 per cent referral fee for the life of the client in question. 


Yes, you read that right. 


You don’t have to deal with contracts AND you will get a referral fee for the campaigns.


Who doesn’t love a win, win?!

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Money made, time saved.

Did you know..

...more than 40 per cent of Aussies are more likely to purchase from a brand if they see an influencer posting about it?


And did you know, more than half of the population read influencer reviews and blogs to find out what they think about the products they’re interested in?


Brands are wisening up to the power of social media, which means money in the bank for you (yay!). 


That said, locking in influencers, finding times for shoots and agreeing on contracts are chores that take away from other clients.


It doesn’t need to be.


Local2u will handle the nitty-gritty of influencer management, including locking social media superstars in. 

Have a question about how Local2u works?

Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.