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For businesses who have been impacted by the recent lockdowns and COVID-19 in general over the last 1.5+ years please click here and answer some questions about your business. 

We’re closing in on two years since COVID-19 rapidly spread across the globe and into Australia. Many of us in business are still grappling with the effects of the pandemic.


The newest waves of lockdowns hit businesses hard again - both big and small. It’s not just the tourism industry that has been greatly impacted; most industries have been impacted in some way, with many relying on the remaining and decreasing government support to hopefully make ends meet. 


The unfortunate reality is that the end of this ordeal is still far from our view. The fact that lockdown policies are changing on a dime also adds to the financial impact for businesses. 


In an effort to support Australian businesses, their owners and THEIR families impacted by the pandemic, we established the 1Connection Initiative.


Local2U is an online platform that bridges the gap between influencers and businesses. 


We leverage our AI technology to match businesses with the right influencers to generate more exposure for the brand and boost engagement, leads, and sales conversions. 


In addition to the advanced tech, we also employ several other factors to determine the right match for each business, such as audience demographics, age, location, and interest. 


Local2U’s 1Connection Initiative is driven by the goal of helping Australian businesses to reach new customers, reach sales targets and survive despite the difficulties of the current market conditions. 


1Connection is about providing a marketing boost to businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic through the right kind of influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing has been around for some time now but the recent pandemic has not only accelerated its popularity but also paved the way for new trends to emerge. Regardless if you or someone you know has tried this marketing strategy before, there are now new trends, new approaches and new tools to obtain better results.


A significant number of Australian businesses have made Covid-induced marketing budget cuts, as reported at Sydney Business Insights. We’ve adopted this problem and aim to help and support the best way that we can, utilising our networks and influencer contacts to increase customer numbers for businesses who have experienced a decline in sales more than others.


Gone are the days when influencers angle their content towards what brands want; nowadays, brands seeking authenticity are the ones following influencers. 


It’s not just brands who are seeing the value of influencers in marketing - consumers also put more value towards authentic content than branded videos, posts, reviews and such on social media. 


Influencers promoting a product or service works in 2021 (if it’s done the right way).


By participating in the 1Connection Initiative, you can leverage our network to market your business with the help of heavy-hitting (and local) social media influencers. We have nano, micro, and macro-influencers that could potentially be promoting your business.


If approved, there are three types of campaigns the business can choose from:


  1. The first one is Engagement, which will leverage the fan base of your chosen influencers to increase engagement and boost conversion. 

  2. The second one is Awareness, which is primarily to get more people to know your brand.

  3. And the third one is a mix of both of these campaigns.


Local2U will handle the contract negotiation, vetting, and briefing of the influencers from the start to the end of the campaign process. 


We will provide you with a detailed post-campaign report so the business can get valuable insights about the campaign, which they could also then use to help build future campaigns for their business. 


For businesses who have been impacted by the recent lockdowns and COVID-19 in general over the last 1.5+ years please click here and answer some questions about your business.